You have candidates. We have interviewers.

And AI to make it even better.

CrewFilter is instant and exclusive access to leading professionals in different fields to ensure your applicants receive an in-depth assessment of their qualifications while your DEVs have time to code

Let's do some math

Human hours spent on interviewing
200 hours 20 hours
180 hours less
increased by90% saved
Costs of interviewing
$32,000.00 $18,400.00
$13,600.00 cheaper
increased by43% saved
Hiring runway
10 weeks 1 week
9 weeks faster
increased by×10 increase
Weekly interviewing capacity
10 candidates 100 candidates
90 extra candidates
increased by×10 boost

Your current hiring pipeline


Your hiring pipeline with CrewFilter


How it works

Provide the contact information of your candidate

Pick the essential skills we should assess

Let the CrewFilter do its magic


What customers say

“We are thrilled to partner with CrewFilter and provide our customers with an outstanding experience! Their team of experts ensures that everyone receives the best evaluation possible.”


Ilya Brotzky

CEO of VanHack

“Working with CrewFilter has been an excellent experience for us! Their tech interview services quickly and objectively evaluate software engineers of any experience level. Candidates are presented with a web graph of their main skills, and the entire interview is recorded and accessible with timecodes. I fully recommend them!”

Robert Fox

Roman Yarovyy

CEO of Intelvision

Who is it for

For tech startups

Is your tech startup having difficulty recruiting its first engineers?

You need an expert in something you do not have anyone on the team to evaluate their skills?

Is it feasible to hire people who seem to be qualified, but aren't really, when you are just starting out your business?

There is no opportunity for a do-over when it comes to taking the first step!

CrewFilter provides the foundation for beginning your journey.

For tech companies

Your business is thriving, your team is skilled and your enterprise is expanding?

You need to bring on additional capable specialists and you have all the knowledge necessary to evaluate them?

Is it feasible for your engineers to take time away from their established tasks in order to conduct interviews with potential new hires?

Would it be too costly for your engineers to use their valuable time interviewing candidates who might not make the cut?

With CrewFilter, you can devote more time and effort to the tasks that bring value instead of wasting time on recruitment activities.

For recruiting agencies

Are you looking to assemble an experienced team to meet your customer's needs?

Finding people matching your needs is difficult, but choosing the right ones can be even more challenging.

Are you looking to ensure that your services are of the highest quality?

Utilize CrewFilter to enhance the quality of your next team, or as a tool to independently verify its ability.

Meet our Executive team

Dmytro Les

Dmytro Les

Chief Executive Officer

Dmytro is an entrepreneur and leader with over a decade of experience in the tech industry.

He started his career in tech in 2010 as a web developer, but shortly became an efficient leader and ascended into positions such as Tech Lead and eventually Architect - leading the development of a proprietary orchestration system across 18 000 EC2 instances serving 80 billion requests from 4 billion smartphones daily for tech unicorn.

This experience allowed Dmytro to become CTO at a startup for the first time. Since then he has acted as a springboard for ambitious startups providing them with engineering solutions before relocating to Vancouver carrying 12 years' worth of experience gained working in tech ranging from entry-level developer right up to Chief Technology Officer - having conducted more than 1000 interviews throughout his career.

October 2022 saw him launch CrewFilter - revolutionizing the recruitment process by bringing human and AI fusion into play that unlocks employers access to high-quality interviews at an affordable price worldwide.

Dmytro Les

Olia Stasiuk

Chief Commercial Officer

Olia is a certified Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®), and the Founder of 4 different businesses including 360 Transformers.

Olia dedicated many years of her professional career to exploring the inevitable impact of learning and development within personal & professional life, helping reputable global companies boost their operational efficiency by establishing forward-thinking employee experience & development strategies learned around the globe.

Olia constantly keeps learning from prestigious universities such as Harvard Business School, University of Cambridge and is a member of various advisory boards. She found her passion in education and development and her mission in making people happier by elevating their lives and careers.